Starting Nursery

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Starting Nursery

When will my child start sessional Nursery?
Children usually start the term after their third birthday i.e. September, January or April, as appropriate and if places are available. You will be contacted about the date when your child will start. You will be invited to a group induction meeting (pre-Nursery visit) with the Head of Centre.

What happens when they start?

For the first session we ask you to stay with your child and join in with their play. This helps them become confident and to settle.

At the next session, we encourage you to come into Nursery and help your child to find something they enjoy. If we all feel that your child is okay and happy you can stay in the Parents’ Room or leave the premises.

What if my child finds settling in difficult?
We sometimes need to agree different patterns of attendance, according to how your child settles and their ability to manage a full session. We will arrange this with you, as appropriate, to meet your child’s needs.

What if I need to collect my child early?
If you need to collect your child before the end of the session please ensure you sign your child out of Nursery at the reception office.

What if I need someone else to collect my child?
If you know that someone else will be collecting your child, please let us know. You will need to complete an authorisation slip obtainable from your child’s key person. If you need to change arrangements at the last minute please telephone 023 8055 2220.

Your child’s safety is our first concern. We will not let children leave with people we do not know. We require children to be collected by a responsible person over the age of sixteen.

What if my child needs time off during term-time?

If your child is not able to come to Nursery for any reason, please inform the office. A holiday form may be collected from the office if your child will be away during term time. Unfortunately if a child is away for more than 2 weeks at a time we cannot guarantee that their Nursery place will be kept open.