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Pupil Premium


Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) Information and Report

From April 2015, we have been able to claim extra funding through the Early Years Pupil Premium to support children’s development, learning and care. This means an extra £302 a year for entitled children who take up the full 570 hours funded entitlement to early years education.


National data and research shows that children of families who meet the Early Years Pupil Premium criteria may need additional help to get the most from their Early Years Education and the funding is used to support their children in achieving the best early years outcomes and start they can.


We can use the extra funding in any way to improve the quality of the early years education that we provide for your child. This could include, for example, additional training for our staff on early language, investing in partnership working with our colleagues in the area to further our expertise or supporting our staff in working on specialised areas such as speech and language.


It is well documented that high quality early years education can influence how well a child does at both primary and secondary school and so we want to make the most of this additional funding.


Early Years Pupil Premium at Hardmoor Early Years Centre

We are committed to ensuring all our children make the best possible progress. We regularly and rigorously track and analyse the achievement of every child and do all we can to make sure each child makes as much progress as possible. We also have a duty to ensure all groups of children regardless of their gender, ethnic origin or family income or background receive their entitlement to high quality teaching and learning.


Hardmoor Early Years Centre recognises that good communication and language development are essential for children to be able to access the curriculum and make good progress. EYPP funding is utilised to support the Every Child a Talker programme at the Centre. Activities include:

  • Training for staff to support children with their individual development
  • Workshops and activities for parents and carers to support their children’s home learning
  • Small group work with children who require extra support


The Early Years Pupil Premium funding has allowed us to continue and extend what we already do – to closely monitor children’s progress and to give additional support when required. All children are valued in our inclusive environment. In classes it is not obvious which children are in receipt of EYPP, in care or in need. It is not part of our ethos to single out, label or stigmatise children.


What difference has Pupil Premium made for our children?

The 16 children who received EYPP funding for the summer term 2016 made good progress across the 7 areas of learning, and good or better progress with their Communication and Language development.



After assessing the children they have been placed in appropriate small groups led by a SEN assistant.  For example soft/sensory social interaction, turn taking, bucket style therapy, messy play and ECaT activities.  Dialogue has been initiated with the parents of the children.


EYPP income for the financial year 2016/17 was £2900