• Nurturing the seeds of learning


A big welcome from all our staff.  Our staff are the most important part of how we provide for your children.

We have a number of very well qualified, experienced staff who have been with us a long time providing stability and excellence for the children. They provide training and guidance to the younger, more recently qualified members of our team. We also have visiting professionals to the site who provide support in speech and language, bilingual support, as well as health visitors.

Head and Teaching Staff

  • Susanne Ottens – Executive Head Teacher
  • Emma Bátor – Head of Centre
  • Melanie Streader –  SENCO
  • Sarah Brown – Nursery Teacher
  • Wendy Jacobs – Nursery Teacher
  • Karen Callaway – Day Care Officer

Senior Nursery Practitioners

  • Alison Fowler
  • Kjrsti Carr – SENCO
  • Jilly Pearce

Early Years Educators

  • Janis Larkman
  • Stephanie Disney
  • Dominika Blasiak
  • Khawla Cattell
  • Ginny Wright
  • Alex Smith
  • Marta Matuszkiewicz
  • Andi Hinder (SEND practitioner)
  • Kate Kernick

Early Years Practitioners

  • Shabnam Ishaq
  • Pru Lao
  • Robbie Harris
  • Razia Sharif

Modern Apprentices

  • Kayleigh Alexander
  • Leanne Murrey

Lunch Club

  • Katie Deabill (Senior Lunch Club Assistant)
  • Rafia Asif
Central Staff
  • Cate Torrington – Administration/Finance Officer
  • Sarah Terrell – Administrative Assistant
  • Nichola Jacobs – Administrative Assistant
  • Lewis Cattell – Site Manager
  • Vicki Andrews – Cook
  • Marzena Wierzba – Cleaner

Casual Staff

  • Rachel Ojany
  • Miriam Congui
  • Athene Dobbs
  • Saffron Shepherd