Extra Sessions

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Extra Sessions

Flexible Day Care Sessions to Purchase

We have had enquiries from parents asking if they can pay for their child/children to have extra sessions in the Nursery (in addition to their free 15 hour entitlement) on a flexible pay as you go system.

As we reserve places in the sessional nursery for the day care children who will be transferring from Hedgehogs, (the term after their third birthday), there are times when spaces become available in the two day care groups and, therefore, we are able to offer ad hoc nursery sessions at a charge of £5.15 per hour.

Places will be available on a first-come, first-served basis and ideally booked with at least a days notice. All fees must be paid at the time of booking by cash or debit/credit card and are non-refundable should your child/children not attend the booked sessions.

I hope you find this new flexible day care option useful for any unexpected requirements of care for your child/children. You can be assured that your child/children will have a good time in the nursery, surrounded by staff who know them and can meet their individual needs well.